• Promote science based food safety thinking in food business operators and other stakeholders
  • Establish network of Experts/Key Opinion Formers from Scientific Institutions, Universities,International Organizations, Industry experts and Regulators
  • Support science based food safety advocacy with policy makers

  • In collaboration with Government, FSSAI, Stakeholders, develop National Risk Assessment Models and Protocols for Risk Management & Communication
  • Develop approaches to strengthen rigor, transparency & documentation of food product analyses in food testing laboratories
  • Organize Capacity Building Workshops, Conferences, Online Training Programmes to create a culture of Science based Food Safety in India
  • Prepare Technical Briefs, White Papers, Position Papers and FSMS Plan Guidance Documents based on Risk Analysis
  • Enable regulators take science based decisions on food safety related matters and build frameworks that are based on sound scientific principles


CHIFSS aims to accomplish a foods operations regime in India, which embodies the principles of food safety sciences and is positioned on risk based food safety approaches.

We will achieve this by transforming the individuals, FBOs and institutions associated with food safety through science-based education and training by forming strong network of experts.

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